At some point in the hobby, we sell-off some of our RC items to rack in some extra cash. This article aims to give some pointers to have more success when it comes to selling your RC items and also to get buyers to trust you as a seller so that you can continue to be successful.


When you buy something from the store or ”out of the box”, if you will, then you almost always get some type of warranty that gives you the peace of mind that if something is missing or broken, you can return the item and the people at the store you bought it from, will either fix or replace it. So, because you don’t get the same type of warranty with preowned items, the buyer needs to be assured that he or she is making a good buying decision. All of this might seem like I’m stating the obvious, and yes, I probably am but, it’s good to keep this in mind when you are compiling your advert, and it will help guide you to making a better and trustworthy advert of your items.


The first point of entry to your advert, in most cases, is not your image but, your heading or your item’s title so, make sure it is clear, identifiable and to the point. You will frustrate buyers if your advert’s title is misleading. If you add something like, well taken care of, or bargain, make sure that whatever you are stating is truthful otherwise, you will compromise the trust needed for the sale to be successful.


Images can be a great tool to show-off the items you have up for sale, especially good images. Take the time to snap a couple of photos of the items you want to sell, and with today’s cell phone cameras, you can take very good high-resolution images effortlessly. I can’t count the number of times I clicked on an online advert, just to close it again because of the lack of images. I first want to see if I’m interested in whatever is up for sale, I don’t want to first have to contact the seller and then be able to view the item. That is an extra step that is not needed and just causes frustration for the buyer. There’s a reason for the saying; people buy with their eyes. The more images you supply with your advert, the better your chances will be to get your item sold. Also, take a little bit of time to clean your item before snapping some photos, nobody likes to buy anything full of dust and oil.


Give a detailed description, don’t ask people to contact you for more information, make your advert as detailed as possible so that, people know exactly what it is that you are selling. You might be thinking, if they are truly interested, they will contact you. As true as that might be, you are also creating the possibility of losing out on a sale because the buyer is missing out on information which might have been vital to the buyer’s interest. If you have part numbers or model numbers, add that to the description, so that people can research the item you are selling. If the buyer can search for your item online and find out more about it, it can support their buying decision even more.


The presentation goes a long way, if you still have the packaging or boxes of the items you want to sell, pack them back in there, the items might not be new but, we all like to open a packaged toy. I’m not saying you should dismantle your RC model unless it only takes a couple of seconds to assemble. Things like servos, ESC’s, motors, etc. It gives the buyer something to look forward to plus it will create the sense that you look after your things, which you should of course. No one can know how much care you did take with your items so, you will have to show them.


Be approachable, if a buyer has a question, try to answer it with the best of your ability, be patient with the buyer, try to see the sale from their perspective. I know it’s not always fun to have potential buyers ask a lot of questions without buying the item you are trying to sell, believe me. Just remember, if people have a good experience buying from you, they are sure to return next time when you have something else up for sale.


If you are selling more than one item in an advert, it’s a good idea to sell them off separately, because not everyone might be interested in purchasing all the items. Selling them separately can help speed up the sale. Also, be reasonable with your pricing. Unfortunately, this hobby is an expense and not an investment so, you’ll never get the money back that you’ve spent on an item at the store. I work on a 50% basis with my sales, I always deduct 50% of the item’s price I bought it for from the store.


The key to being successful with your sales is to make the buyer feel comfortable and confident in the transaction, just as you would like to be comfortable and confident when you buy something from someone else.

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